Arman Mohtadji, Lyon (France)

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Programmer, passionate for code and computer science, with a particular taste for php and javascript. I mainly work in web development. But through my personal practice I come across many other languages such as python, bash and C#.
Web-designer, involved in free software. I focus my work on helping my clients find accurate design and technology for their needs, audience and usage.
Inspired by many aspects of graphic design (from illustration to typography) and passionate for code, free software, interfaces and networks, my work is now focused on experimenting and improvising software / apps to generate meaningful outcomes (poster, shapes, illustration).
I am also a member of a design collective and I teach robotics to kids.
Feel free to discover the Free Software Days an event I co-organised

Works :

contact *at* armansansd *dot* net
I am here to help, get in contact to discuss ideas.