text 2016

Unreleased Poster for a talk about the iranian poet Forough Farrokhzad.
The transition between two pages of an e-reader is fleeting. to capture it is to show, in the manner of the dark and rebellious poems of Forough Farrokhzad, a beauty that eludes us.
Eratum : the iranian spelling is wrong, I've still got a long way to go in learning farsi

text 2014

"Cérémonies du 11 novembre. Plusieurs lieux de commémoration.
Des dizaines de jeunes photographes témoignent de ces instants.
Juxtaposées, toutes ces images sont des points de vue qui se croisent,
se répondent et se complètent. Elles créent des 11 novembre."

Lena Robin, Lucas Descroix, Loïc Horellou

text 2016

Design for Exam Season.
You can buy a cassette or a tee here :

text 2016

Conversation Is a tool developed to offer a different kind of content managements. The user binds files together (hyperlink), creating a "conversation" equivalent to an article. This new set of files created is defined by the date it was produced.
The project in progress is available at:

text 2015

Advice and expertise in interface design for a dietetic coaching application

text 2015

Timing is a research project started a year ago on the occasion of the end of my diploma/degree at the HEAR. After writing my dissertation Systèmes métaphoriques,
I became interested in the relationship between information technology (more specifically our personal computers) with time, and their influence on our own perception of time.
This set of theoretical research, conducted this year, has been consolidated in an edition in which each part is a snapshot of its state at key points.
The first chapter being the introduction page and note of intent written on the 3rd January 2015, I later created a file manager prototype favoring a temporal acquisition of content rather than spatial.
My research work continues on my blog http://aux.armansansd.net.

text 2015

Final year dissertation proposing a reflection on the interfaces of our operating systems, from their creations to their influence on the individual. All text and images are available online.

text 2014

A generic image of a graphic designer holding his own poster, the poster itself being a representation of his work. This image represents the aim of the talk : imagining your future work by looking at a past one.

@HEAR with Eva Lambert

text 2012

Born out of a workshop and subsequently exhibited at the Hall des Chars, this interactive installation allows visitors to manipulate architectural elements and create an urban collage.

text 2014

A series of experiments, to understand how to manipulate font and images in Audacity, an audio editor software.
Audio effects have been applied to the elements, and pushed to the extreme in order to record the graphic possibilities, to reuse them for further works.